When do the first results appear?

It may take a few seconds up to a day to receive the first results. The speed of the search depends on several factors, such as:

  • The type of your query. The more conditions you add, the slower goes the process.
  • Source type. Awario uses APIs for collecting mentions from socials. Usually Twitter is the fastest to return the results, so you can see the first ones even within a few minutes. Other social sources usually take a bit more time. Mentions from the Web and News/Blogs sources are received much slower - about one day to get first results and a week for a full report. This happens because Awario uses its own crawlers and they scan the whole Web instead of pulling mentions from datasources which usually contain out-dated information. But it allows us to provide you all history mentions from the Web and News/Blogs sources.
  • The popularity of your target keywords or brand. If you are searching for some unpopular keywords or a brand that do not have many mentions on the Internet, it may take a while for us to find results for you.